3 Steps You Must Know

In this article, I am going to outline the three most important variables when it comes to creating your network marketing system. Understanding and implementing these three things can mean the difference between you working for your business and your business working for you.

So what is the network marketing system most people use? Most people get signed up, they purchase all sorts of promotional materials (DVDs, brochures, product samples), they burn through the list of their warm market, and eventually they start handing out their samples to strangers. Then a few months into their business, they realize that they’ve spend hundreds of dollars and have few (if any) associates in their downline to show for it.

Being successful in this industry is about understanding how to build a network marketing system to guide your prospects from one variable to the next, but which does not require you to trade (your) time for dollars. In other words, you want your network marketing system to be 98% on autopilot, so that it’s productive and working 24/7 — even when you’re sleeping and on vacation. It doesn’t sleep, call in sick or take vacations.

To make this work effectively, here is the network marketing system you need to put in place immediately:

Step 1 – Put Up A Data Capture Page (Squeeze Page): The first step in the network marketing system is to put up a data capture page. Your data capture page should make no mention of your company — and especially no mention of the business opportunity. It should focus on positioning you as an expert who has the answer to a problem. People buy from people, not from companies they’ve never heard of. So make sure you write your data capture page with that in mind.

Step 2 – Make Sure There Is An Opt-In Form: Here is a related — but very important — item. When you create your data capture page, be sure that there is an opt-in form on the page. Don’t have any links (to encourage them to leave that page or to distract them). Your objective (which is a cornerstone of any good network marketing system) is to give people one option and one option only — to put their information into that opt-in form so that they will be on your list. Remember that your list is the most valuable asset of your business. This is how you start creating it.

Step 3 – Create And Mold Relationships With Your Prospects: The next step in this network marketing system now that you will be building a list, is that you must create and mold relationships with the prospects on that list. You do that by sharing meaningful content with them through what I call a “4x1x2 matrix.” What that entails is doing the following. The “4” means that you start out by sending four content-rich emails to your list. There should be no sales pitch of any kind in these emails.

Then the “1” means that you send out one email with some kind of offer. That could mean getting them to pick up their phone or having them buy an ebook, but the key here is to get them to take some sort of action.

The last part of the matrix – the “2” – is the ratio of your content to sales pitch emails from there on out. So you will start sending two content-rich emails for every one sales email you send.

A big thing to remember about any network marketing system, is to treat your prospects and your list like you would want to be treated. You don’t want to send out one sales pitch email after another because people get tired of every email they receive asking for money. They will stop reading your emails and eventually opt out of your list altogether. So be sure that you aren’t doing anything in your network marketing system that will ruin the biggest asset of your business, i.e., your list.

In closing, making this work revolves around having an effective network marketing system in place. You want your business working for you, and not you working for your business. Isn’t that why you created your business in the first place? So create a network marketing system that will be your employee.