At Last! The Truth About Network Marketing Systems Revealed

What is a network marketing system? Heck, what is a system? A system is just a common set of rules, that everyone follows to achieve predictable results.

There are a lot of Network Marketing systems out there, disadvantages and advantages exist and not all of them are created equal.

Do you need a network marketing system to be successful? Yes you at least need some kind of system in place.

2 Types Of Network Marketing Systems

The 2 types of network marketing systems we have on the market are basically ones that plug your primary opportunity on the front end and ones that actually plug the system itself allowing you to make some moolah before anyone actually joins you in business.

Network Marketing Systems That Plug Your Opportunity First

The network marketing systems that plug your primary on the front end are good at letting your prospects know what company you’re involved in. The problem with that approach is the risk that comes along with it. Let me explain.

Just say you join in business and you set up a system that promotes you primary and begin advertising and you put a few thousand dollars or pounds into a Google AdWords campaign if you’re in the UK like me.

It all goes well until you realize no one has joined you in business, that’s money lost and an unprofessional approach especially for those that have never learned to advertise and don’t know the intricacies of internet marketing, things like conversions come to mind.

This type of system is suitable for only those master prospectors that are able to communicate effectively and feel comfortable with hard selling.

If you aren’t a master prospector then steer clear of these programs, I’m not saying they don’t work, they work very well for only a certain type of individual.

Network Marketing Systems That Don’t Plug Your Opportunity

These are usually called funded proposals and funded proposals work very well for people who have never marketed online before.

With funded proposal systems you have a product, that actually helps people solve a problem for other network marketers making it convert highly.

The premise for a self liquidating offer is that as a business owner you must think like a business owner and minimize risk. A funded proposal allows you to go into paid advertising and have a chance at covering those expenses so you can stay in the game long enough to build a relationship with your prospects and begin to sponsor them.

Again, the purpose of these funded proposal network marketing systems are to keep you in the game so you can make money and learn internet marketing at the same time.

Which Network marketing system would I use?

In my opinion a funded proposal is the best way to get going. Most of the people that use systems that promote your primary on the front end are very good at the hard sell and usually have a very big budget to play around with.

The only problem I can see with funded proposals is that they sometimes cause you to take the focus off of your primary business opportunity.

However for the new business owners trying to get by on a shoestring budget, funded proposals are easily your best chance at staying in the network marketing game so you can go on to win big.