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The Galaxy S4 mini features the same Snapdragon 400 processor as the HTC One mini, but Samsungs version has a higher clock speed. The S4 mini also more RAM (1.5 GB vs. 1GB), a slightly larger battery, and a higher-resolution camera (8-megapixel vs. 4-megapixel). Spec Showdown: HTC One mini vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.Comparing specs between the HTC One mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini does show us how the two Read More ». We are going to compare HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini here.Some camera features of the S4 Mini like HDR, panorama and touch focus lack in the One Mini while it is enabled with 2m pixel size and 1/3 inch sensor size. The HTC One mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini at HQ. Its a battle in which most of you already have a side to root for, or a downright favorite. HTC and Samsung have always managed to attract different sorts of crowds and the same scenario plays out here too. Last year, it was all about HTC One X vs. Samsung GALAXY S3.But the kicker here is that Samsung allows its users to expand their storage memory up to 64GB through a mini SD card slot. Head to head, HTC One Mini vs Samsung S4 Mini, a detailed comparision of the two mini smartphones, based on their specificatinos.Here are the reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini over the HTC One mini. S4 Mini Plus Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Samsung Galaxy S5Since Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will definitely rule the Android smartphone segment, we though its time to put them head to in a Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle. It seems like 4.

3 inches is the new mini, as Androids premier OEMs are launching devices of that size with the Mini tag on them to help fill out sectors of the device market that demand such a product. Im talking about devices like Samsungs Galaxy S4 Mini, as well as the newly-announced HTC One Mini. HTC and Samsung have released mini versions of their flagship phones, here is a "by the numbers" look at the HTC One mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Gizmag delves deeper in comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. and if youre leaning towards the GS4, but want to consider another top Android phone, you can always peruse our newest Under the Microscope comparison, pitting the Galaxy S4 vs. the Moto X. A detailed features and price comparison of HTC One Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. HTC like Samsung and Motorola has a tradition releasing a mini version of their smartphone or tablet models (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Motorola Droid min, Apple iPad mini).

HTC One minivs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Flagship phone shootout: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One. by Owen Williams — in Gadgets.If youre stuck, unable to make a decision about if the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4 is for you, then consider this a guide. With flagship phones coming to market at around the same time on many of the same carriers, Samsung and HTC are gearing up for another fight.

Last year, the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X battled for supremacy and this year the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are duking it out. We put the Android 4.2.2 Galaxy S4 mini to the test against the Android 4.2.2 One X to find out which you should buy, the older Samsung or the HTC.PhoneRocket Review Our evaluation of Galaxy S4 mini vs One X. Now Samsung has launched Galaxy S4 mini and HTC One mini is about to release.RAM is 1.5GB for S4 mini. So this thing made Samsung Galaxy S4 mini effective on HTC one mini. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, for instance, recently landed on Verizon and Sprint (with plans to reach ATT and U.S. Cellular customers soon).Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Motorola Droid Mini. HTC One Mini. The next two choices are more obvious: the eternal (or infernal) iPhone 4S and ATTs version of the HTC One X. So here it is: one table to rule them all, right after the break. Galaxy S III. Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 are now as official and available as they can possibly be. We can all agree to the fact that these two were the most anticipated Android phones (also enjoying unseen levels of buzz and excitement). Last week Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4, and while there werent many surprises, the S4 is still packed to the brim with the latest and greatest goodies that Google and Samsung have to offer. Its a serious Android flagship phone, no doubt Whats the difference between the HTC One Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?Similar range of sensors. HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini spec comparison video. [leadplayervid id524A3A563C801]. HTC One Mini. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Image Sensor.Well, some important things that the comparison table does not report are the amount of RAM (2GB for the Z1 vs. 1,5GB for the s4 mini and 1GB for the one mini) and the fact that the chipset, besides being a Snapdragon 800 vs 400 (that Cell Phone Reviews. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini vs HTC One mini.The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (left) and the HTC One mini (right). Both smartphones are narrow enough to be used very comfortably with a single hand. iPad Mini 4.Samsung took the wraps off of its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, but its not the only heavyweight Android player on the block. We pit it against the HTC One to see how these two flagship phones stack up. Todays is about the minis from HTC and Samsung Electronics, we are talking about the HTC Mini One and Samsung GT-I9195 Galaxy S 4 mini . Display The HTC one mini comes with a 4.3-inch display. The Real Battle Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC ONE! They ar both very similar BUT hands-on HTC-ONE IS MUCH BETTER!!!!!What would u guys suggest out of Samsung S4, Samsung S5 Mini, Htc One (M7), Nexus 5, OnePlus One or the HTC One Mini (M8)??? Following hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, HTC has now popped out their own mini version of their flagship device, the HTC One. The comparison is obvious: the best-selling Android smartphone in the world versus the prettiest, both in miniature, both under the microscope. Top 81 reasons for HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 1. battery power 2. total clock speed 3. pixel density 4. screen size 5. megapixels 6. RAM 7. resolution. Samsung Galaxy S4 Outsold HTC One 4:1. Galaxy S4, HTC One Google Edition Available Today [Update]. Watch How HTC One Is Fashioned Out Of Pure Metal. HTC Outs Quietly Brilliant Tagline In Favor Of Something Bold. Here is the quick comparison of HTC One Mini Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Both are the mini versions of the popular two android handsets now in the market.Sensor enabled features in Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One Mini BlinkFeed are few examples. Samsung has officially announced the little brother of its brand new flagship: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.The information for the detailed table about the two phones has been taken from the Samsung Website, the HTC website, and If you want something new and fresh, the HTC One is it. If you love Samsung and what theyve done, the GS4 will surely be something youll love. The One features a 4.7-inch 1080p HD display, that is actually slightly smaller and higher pixel density than the GALAXY S 4. Yet the device is a little longer. HTC has lifted the veil on the HTC One Mini and its specs but has not yet announced a release date or price for the device. The HTC One Mini will see its release under the same moniker as the companys flagship model, the HTC One HTC and Samsung both have "mini" versions of their flagship handsets, so this comparison is an obvious one.Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Sony Xperia XZ2: The MWC flagship face-off! Comparison: side by side, pros and cons and the differences between HTC Desire A8181 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini GT-i9190 8GB phones. Which is the best phone? Published on Sunday, July 14, 2013 9:38 PM - Updated on 7/21/2014 6:39 PM. HTC One Mini vs Galaxy S4 Mini Design. In the design category, it is obvious that HTC handily beats Samsung. Its aluminum case and its premium finish make it way better than Samsungs mostly plastic device. The HTC and Samsung options both come with Android 4.2 Jellybean. The One Mini uses the Sense 5 user interface, while the S4 Mini is overlaid with TouchWiz.Charging iPhone 5 Allegedly Electrocutes Chinese Woman to Death Xperia Z1 Compact vs. HTC One Mini vs. Galaxy S4 Mini Samsung Now that Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One Mini come in close proximity to each other, its bound to be compared in details.In terms of performance alone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs HTC One Mini will be at best a draw. Like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, the two mini devices share many of the same internal components and are roughly the same size. The HTC One minis 720p display easily outclasses the qHD panel Samsung is using with the galaxy S4 mini The Samsung GALAXY S 4 has been pushed with a set of four pillars of user experience excellence while the HTC One was given a similar push with more feature upgrades than you can shake a stick at. We compare the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One X, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more.One X HTC. Quad Core. Home » Tech Review » Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs HTC One Tech Digit today we are comparing two mini versions of smartphones from two leading brands.First is Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Second phone is HTC One Mini. The competition among big-name mid-range phones about to hot up, with Samsungs Galaxy S4 Mini already in play and Motorola about to join the fray with the Moto X. But however things pan out, HTC has a strong entrant in this space with the One Mini Think the Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a bit too big and expensive? A phone like the Galaxy S4 Mini or HTC One Mini could be right what youre after. These phones are like smaller replicas of this years top-end phones, and they sell for a little less money. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One Samsung was able to create a huge anticipation over their next in line signature device Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, we have to give credit Samsung Marketing HTC One Mini Announced, how HTC One Mini differs from Galaxy S4 Mini?Following the footprints of Samsung, HTC has also announced budget oriented HTC One Mini Android smartphone. HTC One mini resembles a lot with its flagship predecessor. Galaxy S4 vs HTC One Design. If you are looking for a great looking phone your best bet in my opinion is the HTC One.On paper the Samsung Galaxy s4s 13 mega pixel looks like the far supperior camera compared to the HTC One and its 4 mega pixels. [tab nameFeature]. Samsungs latest and greatest smartphone is now on the market the Galaxy SIII. Its already facing stiff competition from its main Android rivals, the HTC One X and the Sony Xperia S. As the One X has a quad-core processor and similar features to the S3 Galaxy S5 Mini.Samsung Galaxy S4 is here and for all those who are wishes to buy the same can compare the same with yet another marvel that is HTC One which was recently announced by HTC. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini In-depth Review - Продолжительность: 12:22 Geekyranjit 153 045 просмотров.HTC One mini vs Galaxy S4 mini - Продолжительность: 7:49 Recombu 147 002 просмотра.

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