new activexobject( microsoft.xmlhttp ) javascript





AJAX is not a technology in itself but a combination of other technologies that have been around for quite sometimes, namely, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML and a few others.http new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") Could be you are using a lower JavaScript version (< 5) and have to use Msxml2.XMLHTTP. The following snippet of code handles this also for older versions.Hi, I have a page that call the following line in js : var x new activexobject("Microsoft.xmlhttp") var dom new ActiveXObject(MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument3.0) var objXMLHTTP new ActiveXObject(Microsoft.XMLHTTP) / ObtainOn my machine everything works just fine. When I migrate the website (using the built in setup project) I get a javascript error, "null is null or not an Похоже каждый создает xhr-объект так, как ему хочется jQuery 1.3.2 xhr:function() return window. ActiveXObject I use ths script in Default.aspx page.

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