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Got a BT Home Hub 5? Its BTs slickest router to date, but even having been in homes for some time now, it can have its quirks. But there are ways to supercharge your connection, and get the BT Home Hub doing your bidding without a hitch. BT Home Hub 5. Information and troubleshooting guide for BT Infinity and BT Broadband.1. Connect your new Hub 5 directly to your phone socket using the broadband cable ( light grey ends) and filter. See the diagram opposite. hey PSi i followed ur whole tutorial every thing went smooth after flashing now all lights turned red and when i connect ethernet cable i m unable to connect to modem no green lights and hub is restarting after every 10 min. BT Home Hub 5 reviews, pros and cons.The Home Hub 5 may look almost identical to the previous model (its still compact and stylish) but a number of features make this a good upgrade for BT Broadband customers. BT Home Hub 5 Info And Troubleshooting Guide 10 11 BT Hub connection troubleshooting continued Youre connected to broadband but your account might not be switched on yet Broadband light is orange Wait until after midnight on the day we switch on your broadband. Fetch Doc. bt home hub 5 hands on video youtube. bt home hub 5 tips and tricks gizmodo uk. solved homehub problems btcare community home hub 4 hub lights router screenshot.

best router for wireless printing best wiring diagram. For a list of all currently documented Lantiq (Intel) chipsets with specifications, see Lantiq. Product page. On shop. BT Home Hub on Wikipedia. BT Home Hub 4A on OpenWrt wiki. BT Home Hub. BT Home Hub 4 (Type A) - CPU: Lantiq PSB 50368 (068340). Have a problem with your BT Home Hub 4 or BT Home Hub 5? Find out what the coloured warning lights mean and how you can fix connection problems.How do I access the BT Home Hub settings? Whats the best way to clear a paper jam? How do I print an image at a specific size? This BT Home Hub 5 for BT Broadband from: BT, Their ASIN : B00GJ0UBHC Listed with price at 65.67, Now visitor can buy this product at 37.99, BT Home Hub 5 bt infinity home hub 5. Connecting through my old BT Home Hub 3 (HH3) after registration of the VSS3 it managed to connect after 20-30 minutes without issue.

It failed, sits there cycling through the light sequences as stated previously in this thread. The BT Smart Hub (formerly BT Home Hub) is a family of wireless residential gateway router modems distributed by BT for use with their own products and services and those of wholesale resellers (i.e. LLUs) but not with other Internet services. Hi - Ive been using the BT homehub for about six months now. Its working fine but I have a concern. My wireless light flashes (along with the data light) quite often. Looking at the hub manager the only devices connected are the ones expected. This BT Home Hub 5 for BT Broadband from: BT, Their ASIN : B00GJ0UBHC Listed with price at 68.99, Now visitor can buy this product at 45.00, BT Home Hub 5 bt infinity home hub 5 uk review. The BT Home Hub 5 gives you a faster, more reliable wireless connection throughout your home. Using brand new superfast ac wireless technology and with 4 GigE ports customers can further exploit the superfast speeds of BT Infinity. When i plug it in the socket it lights the blue wi fi sign on the speaker makes the connection noise and starts to blink but nothing happens.I have a BT home hub 5 .5. Turn everything on in the following sequence, making sure each device has powered up completely before turning on the next Find the recessed Reset button on the back of your Hub. Using a paper clip or similar press the button and hold for 20 seconds. Your Hub lights will go out and your Hub will restart. Wait for the Hubs Broadband light to glow solid blue. This may take several minutes. The BT Smart Hub (formerly BT Home Hub) is a family of wireless residential gateway router modems distributed by BT for use with their own products and services and those of wholesale resellers (i.e. LLUs) but not with other Internet services. Ive logged this as a problem with Sonos, and posted it to the BT Home Hub 2.0 forum - given the number of HH2.0s that will be installed in the UK over the next year, its important that this is fixed! Cheers, Andrew. BT Home Hub 5 - Setup, Unboxing and Review, Setting up BT Infinity with the BT Home Hub 5In this video I will show you how to improve the range of the BT home hub 5 wireless router.A potential annoyance with other random users changing the lights on the hub without permission. No problem, I thought, I have a BT Home Hub 5 for internet connectivity, Ill just use its Ethernet ports.It appears that something untoward happens during the HH5 boot sequence after its Ethernet switch capability goes live but before the HH5 The sequence is important!!Lots of help came from contributors on Home Hub Forumand especially the contributors "nbridge" and "Bramshot". Citations. "We subscribed to BT Broadband for a couple of years but never used the Version 1 HomeHub that we were sent, preferring not to replace the D-Link This is the BT Home Hub 5 Unboxing and Review. The Home Hub 5 is the latest in the range of routers from BT and comes as standard with every BT Infinity BT HomeHub 5.0 Type A. Information on this page also applies to the Plusnet Hub One and BT Business Hub 5.lede-lantiq-xrx200-BTHOMEHUBV5A-installimage.bin. n/a.

LEDE Installation Guide for BT Home Hub 5A. But i unplugged the hub from the power supply and when i put the plug back in and when it connected, the internet light went back to normal.Can other people access my internet through the bt home hub even tho im not using it wireless? In this video I will show you how to improve the range of the BT home hub 5 wireless router. Steps taken in this video will also work on many other routers. Modifying a 2 4 GHz dipole antenna to 5 GHz. Random information about BT home hub. Version of the hub abused here is 1. 5.This boot-log was taken from the serial port on P2. Bootup keypresses: Sending CtrlC during this sequence seems to kill the init routine dead resulting in the main application starting early. To enter Service Mode Press the remote -control keys in this sequence : If you do not have Factory remote control. Power OFF.DCC CHK SEL DCC CHECK LOCAL DCC CHECK TOTAL Fuction Upgrade Smart Hub Reset WIFI ER COUNT BT ER COUNT Debug Log Down MulitACC Checksum Hi, my sure signal is showing the correct sequence of lights but no mobile signal whatsoever, BT Infinity with home hub 5 - added all the necessary to the firewall and sire signal has been working ok, but last couple of days have lights 1, 2 4 on but no signal. BT Home Hub 5: Features. While several features vie for our attention, were going to start with the integrated VDSL modem. Somehow BT has squeezed this into the Home Hub 5 without any size or weight penalty. We are using the provided SR102-Z, but I want to completely replace it with our previous router, the BT Home Hub 5. Can someone provide a full and simple set of instructions on how to do this? BT Home Hub 5 Information and troubleshooting guide for BT Infinity and BT BroadbandBT Home Hub connection troubleshooting Think you have a faulty Hub? Nearly all the Hubs we get back as faulty are actually fine. Took me a while to find something, so thought Id share . "How To Unlock Your BT Home Hub 3.0 (type A)". Things youll need before you start: Please screen shot all of this info so you can refer to it while your offline setting up the router. Your BT Home Hub 5 has four high-speed 1GB LAN Ethernet ports for wired networks. Get the best wireless performance at home The shorter the distance and the fewer oors and walls between your wireless device and Hub, the better your connection. The recently unveiled Smart Hub is BTs new top-of-the-range router and replaces 2013s ageing Home Hub 5.In its place the Smart Hub has a single light that shines above and below a plastic band that stretches across the length of the router. BTs Home Hub 5 is a surprisingly good bundled router. Its more attractive than most, supports BT Infinity (VSDL) fibre broadband without needing a separate modem and also has 802.11ac Wi-Fi the latest standard. We gave it a recommended award in our Home Hub 5 review. The BT Home Hub 5 is one of the fastest ISP routers that weve tested, but you To disable this feature go to Advanced Settings, Home Network, Smart Setup. Theres no CD-ROM in the Home Hub box. It seems theres yet another bug in the BT Home Hub 5 causing it to be unable to connect to broadband and show an orange flashing light. Heres how to fix it. This time, the fix is easier than getting a replacement, although its more of a workaround. I seem to have amassed a huge collection of HH5A based kit now (2x BT, 1x Plusnet) - definitely going to do this to one of them.UBI: attaching mtd5 to ubi0 [29066.084000] UBI: MTD device 5 is write-protected, attach in read-only mode [29066.148000] UBI error: scanpeb: bad image sequence All BT Home Hub 5 routers include a basic firewall that helps to protect your home network from any unwanted access from the Internet. This firewall blocks connections from the Internet you may want opened for a game or application to run smoother. Find other posts tagged with: BT Home Hub 5. SureSignal 1.No change in light sequences. Test 4. Extended uPNP security turned on. Router restarted and then VSS1 reset. VSS1 displayed the following light sequences. I am currently using a BT Home Hub 5 on a Up to 76MB fiber connection. My brother, who is downstairs next to the hub (grr) is wired and gets the usual speeds of 60Mbps . Does anyone know how to configure the BT Home Hub 5 for X-Lite? Ive also experienced the poor streaming between iPad/iPhone and Apple TV, first via HomeHub 3 and now also with HomeHub 5. I tried wiring in the Apple TV direct to the HH5 so the only thing going over wifi is the bit between iPad/iPhone and the Home Hub, but it madeBT Hub 4 is a dual band device. BT Home Hub 5 is now available to BT customers, being pitched as the perfect companion for your BT Infinity fibre optic connection, while Home Hub 4 can take care of those regular BT Broadband customers. Does anyone have a clear installation guide for installing the latest LEDE software on to a BT Home Hub 5 type A? There are several older how to guides on the internet, but I would like an up to date guide using the new LEDE software. BT Home Hub 5 Router Reset To Factory Defaults. You can easily reset your wireless WiFi router. Here we are also provide Reboot methods of BT routers.How To Reset BT Home Hub 5 Router With Button : BT Home Hub 5 Default Login, Password and IP BT Home Hub 5 review. A lot of hub for little or no money.The fifth generation of the Internet router which comes free as part of every BT Broadband contract, the BT Home Hub 5, is possibly the best bundled router around and could even give third-party vendors a few headaches. Fix BT Home Hub 5 can t connect broadband George Garside from red light home hub 5, BT Smart Hub 6 - BT Home Hub Six Wireless Router. 3 months old.BT Home Hub 3. All cables etc.- Ethernet Cable, DSL cable, 2x Filters. in your hub five before you get our email or text thats fine but you might lose service for a while until your bt infinity is ready otherwise once you receive your infinity activation sms plug in your new hub five to plug in your new hub fine youll need to locate your main things. of it in your home there are two

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